Paul Quintero

Vocal / Bass

  • DoB: May 14
  • Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela
  • First Band: Tinieblas (Bass)
  • Other Bands: Defacto (Bass), Extremo Sur (Vocal/Guitar), Leaves (Bass), Cover Blood (Bass), VileHex (Guitar)
  • Favorite Bands/Albums: Kiss, Megadeth, Nightwish, モーニング娘。
  • Favorite Movie: Harry Potter
  • Favorite Meal/Food/Drinks: Asian/Vodka and Beer
  • Fisrt Concert Ever Seen: Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Napalm Death and Baphomet, New Titans On The Block Tour (1991)
  • Musical Influences: Kiss, Kreator, Slayer and Megadeth

Paul Uses:

  • Bass: Jackson
  • Amps: Hartke/Gallien Krueger
  • Microphone: Shure Beta 58
  • Strings: Ernie Ball .50
  • Picks: Custom InTuneGP Standard .88mm
  • Cables: Spectraflex (Violet)