2020 begins with the premiere of the video ‘Raiz del mal’, additionally they are part of the compilation ‘Rompiendo Muros – Venezuela Rock and Metal Vol. 1 ’.

May 2020, NATASTOR became winners of the ‘Transcendencia Awards 2019’ in the category of best EP with their work ‘Nation’ and by June they obtained another award in this same category from the ‘Melomaniac Awards Rock & Metal’ in its VIII edition.

After receiving the awards, the band works hard, we have participated in several programs and interviews (Instagram Live and Postcast) worldwide such as Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Chile, USA, Jamaica, Cuba and Spain.

After negotiations, the band signs a contract with the renowned German label Wolf Entertainment for the distribution and promotion of its musical catalog in the world through the different platforms (Release date: July 06).

The year is moving, for July we appear in the compiled ‘Reborn From Oblivion Compilation II’ and ‘Zona Under’.

Likewise, we announce our participation in the “Wave of Love Festival” to be held on May 8, 2021; event organized by “Wolf Entertaimment” with the presence of groups from more than 12 countries.

For the month of August we are launching a “playthrough” with the theme “Dictator II” thanks to the support of “Underworld Art Gallery”. In this same month we are included in the compilation ‘Old Tendencies’.

In August we announced the signing with the Mexican production company “Mayko’s Records” for the printing and distribution of our EP ’Nación’ in physical format (CD).

In the month of September we launched our album ‘Legiones de Terror’ on digital platforms, which brings as a bonus the EP ‘Regreso del Abismo’ and we participated in the “MetalargentuM Online Fest” in Argentina with three songs (‘Dictador II ‘, ‘ Raíz del Mall ‘ and’ Libertadores’).

“Hellraiser TV” (Peru) makes us mention as a precursor band of the genre “Thrash Metal” at the Latin American level.

Also this month is the premiere of our video ‘Libertadores’ thanks to the “Wolf Entetaimment” label, which in a short time achieved a very good acceptance and criticism worldwide. An article is also published in the “Subtle Death Webzine” of Cuba in issue # 78.

For the month of October we participated in an interview for “Metal Lethal” (Vzla) and we were included in the compilation ‘Lo Mejor 2019’.

November 2020 we launch the lyric video “Dictador I” and the CD “Nación” goes on sale in Mexico.

To finish the year we participated in the live shows “Venezuela Metal Fest” and “La Campana del Infierno”, both broadcast from Argentina.

May 2021, Oswaldo leaves the group leaving NATASTOR as a “Power Trio Band”; however, we remain more than ever our enthusiasm for the new material which is still being cooked.

For Sep 2021, Paul appears in a pleasant conversation in the program “Charlas Infernales” that is transmitted from Peru where different themes were played both from the band and personal.

November 10, 2021, the album “Legiones de Terror” goes on sale in Mexico, also by Mayko’s Records label.

February 2022, Angel participates in a pleasant conversation on the Melomaniac TV show with Carlos Sanchez

In 2010 they participated with the song Servant of darkness in the compilation album called ‘100% Metal Venezolano’.

For 2011, NATASTOR together with KRUEGER band join in ‘Dos Decadas de Inquisición Sexual’ tour to celebrate 20 years of musical career. In this tour they visit cities such as, Pto. La Cruz, San Cristobal, Cabimas, Maracay, El Tigre and Caracas carrying an impeccable show full of great force and discharge. For this tour they launch a promotional CD which includes the themes Back from the abyss and Servant of darkness. They are also included in the compilation ‘Melomaniac Metal Compilation Vol. 5’.

During these years they have shared stage with international bands; different production houses in their country look for them because their experience and quality in their compositions.

  • Masacre (Colombia) 1997 y 2004
  • La Pestilencia (Colombia) 1997
  • Neurosis (Colombia) 2006
  • Twilight Glimmer (Colombia) 2007
  • Sadus (USA) 2007
  • Sadistic Mutilation (Colombia) 2008
  • Agnostic Front (USA) 2008
  • Sodom (Germany) 2008
  • Morbid Angel (USA) 2009
  • Muscaria (Ecuador) 2009
  • Obituary (USA) 2010
  • Tankard (Germany) 2010
  • Overkill (USA) 2011

2013, the band was nominated in the ‘Melomaniac Rock & Metal Awards I Edition’ as best live band and best extreme metal band; At the same time, they are included in the compilation CD called ‘Venezuela 30 años Rock & Metal’.

For the ‘Melomaniac Rock & Metal Awards II Edition’, Javier and Paul are nominated in the categories of best drums and best male vocal respectively.

At the end of 2013, they participated in the “Concierto por una Sonrisa” (Concert for a Smile) at the National Theater of Caracas next to groups such as GUERRA SANTA, KRUEGER, MASKHERA and TERRA NULLIUS; event whose purpose is to collect toys for the most needy children.

In 2014 they made several presentations in cities such as Valencia, Puerto La Cruz, El Tigre and Caracas among others, carrying a brutal download show.

In May 2015, NATASTOR are included in the compilation called “Collision Thrash Compilado”, where they participate with the song Legiones de Terror.

For June, they are included in a DVD compilation of various bands as a tribute to the late bassist of the band EXARIGON.

July 2015, NATASTOR launched their new production ‘Legiones de Terror’, which features the themes Servant of darkness, The last call 419, Atrapado, Olimpo, When an angel dies, Legiones de terror, Asesino en serie, Virus, Decolonización and Protesta.

As a tribute to the 20 years of their production ‘1992 * 1996’, the band announces that they will only play songs from this album in their next presentations in 2016.

August 2016, the band goes back to the studio again to the recording of their EP entitled ‘Thrash Attack’, This new album features the themes Mundo tóxico (theme recovered from past years), Odio y dolor and Under attack. Recorded in the band’s own studio, by Ing Felipe Grüber, the art cover is again by illustrator John Janssens.

In the ‘Melomaniac Rock & Metal Awards IV Edition’ they are nominated for best extreme metal band and best album ‘Legions of Terror’.

2017, NATASTOR are nominated again in the ‘Melomaniac Rock & Metal awards V Edition’ in three categories, best drummer (Javier Hernández), best single song of the year (Under attack) and best demo EP of the year (Thrash Attack).

For this year they release the lyric video of the theme called Protesta.

2018, Javier Hernández drummer of the band for more than 15 years leaves the ranks to undertake new personal projects and gives entry to Juan Carlos Figueroa, who belonged to the band in ’96. In this way they consolidate again and begin to work for their new production.

This year they again receive nominations in the ‘Melomaniac Rock & Metal Awards VI Edition’ for best drummer (Javier Hernández) and best bassist (Paul Quintero). In the same way, they are included in the compilation called ‘A Coñazo’.

2019, again nominated in the ‘Melomaniac Rock & Metal Awards VII Edition’ as best drummer (Juan Carlos Figueroa) and best bassist (Paul Quintero).

September 2019, Paul, founder of the band, announces his departure from the group to migrate to another country, however he will continue to work with the band remotely.

In October, they released the EP entitled “Nación” which is a conceptual album that deals with the situation their country is  and includes the songs Raíz del mal, Dictador I, Dictador II, Libertadores and Nueva Nación . This EP was recorded again in the band’s studio, mixed and mastered by Ing. Felipe Grüber; the cover as well as his latest productions was left to illustrator John Janssens.

By the end of the year, they receive several nominations at the ‘Melomaniac Rock & Metal Awards VIII Edition’; They were nominated in the categories of best bassist (Paul Quintero), best drummer (Juan Carlos Figueroa), best extreme metal band, best band with international projection and best EP or demo with their work ‘Nación’.

This same year, they are included in the compilation called ‘Metalkinesia’ in the edition ‘Capitulo Caracas’.

In mid-2002, NATASTOR meets again with a new drummer, José Correa (Ex-KRUEGER), who for health reasons is replaced by Javier Hernández (Former drummer from METAL FUSION).

With this new beginning, they decide to change the tone to C # to give more power in search of a heavier sound.

For 2004 they participate in the compilations ‘Metal 2004’ and ‘Metal Tribe Vzla’ with the themes Esclavo de la eternidad and Pensamiento oscuro respectively.

2005, they released their second formal recording called ‘Natastor’ which contains the songs Escape from the fear´s corner, Prisión de cristal, Lady without face, Pensamiento oscuro, Flying in the cloudy sky, Dreaming with the reality and Esclavo de la eternidad, as well as three bonus songs in English version  Natastor, Blasphemy  and Mental inquisition. At the same time they make an appearance in the television media with the video called Escape from the fear’s corner.

During all these years, NATASTOR has been played in various places nationwide, leaving a very good impression within the audience attending its presentations, always marking its peculiar style which is a fusion between genres such as Thrash, Death and Heavy with different influences.

2007, they promote the EP ‘Regreso del Abismo’ with a new video receiving very good reviews from both the public and the media.

In the same year they appear in Garry Sharpe Young’s book ‘Thrash Metal’ as the only band representing Venezuela.

NATASTOR, (originally called ABADDON), emerged on the Central Coast of Venezuela. The band was created at the end of 1991 after the retirement of Ángel Brizuela (guitarist) and Paul Quintero (bassist) from the band TINIEBLAS, in the company of drummer Omar Acosta. Thus began their trials at the beginning of 1992 in Carmen de Uria (La Guaira State), then moved to the El Caribe (Caraballeda).

The existence of a band called ABADDON, led to the search for another name; in this way NATASTOR arises.

They quickly make their own songs and record their first demo which has three songs Natastor, Inquisición mental and Blasfemia.

Their music in these times was influenced by different groups, such as: SEPULTURA, NAPALM DEATH, METALLICA, SLAYER and KREATOR.

In search of a more compact sound, NATASTOR decide to include another guitarist. After several failed auditions, Paul picks up the guitar and they look for a new bassist, in this way Oswaldo Berroteran (Paul’s Substitute in TINIEBLAS) enters (Aug ‘94). It is in this year that the group is included in compilation recordings such as ‘Los Miserables’ (in Cassette format) and ‘Top Rock News’ (in VCR format) with the theme Inquisición mental

In one of the rehearsals (Oct ’94) Oswaldo takes the role of the guitar and Paul is again on bass.

1996, they record their first full length which allows them to establish themselves as one of the best Thrash Metal bands in their country. This record was remastered in 2004 under the name of (1992 * 1996) and released in CD format as a gift to those fans who have always followed the group. Its themes are Lección de muerte, Posesión, Blasfemia, Anticristo, Inquisición mental, Poltergeist, Natastor and Contaminación).

It is in this same year (1996) one of its members (Omar) leaves the band to give entry to Juan Carlos Figueroa (ex-BIOPHOBIA drummer) (Mar ’96), who lasts a few months occupying this position.

After Juan Carlos’s departure, NATASTOR lasts a time without a drummer until a mutual desire between the band and Omar makes him return in ’97. In that period they had enough songs to record their second full length, unfortunately this recording did not come to out, leaving the songs (Miseria, Decolonización, Mundo tóxico, Dragon Of Metal, Jesus, Reina de la noche, Jinete rojo, El juicio finl and Macabre Obsession) only recorded in rehearsal by home recorder and video 8 of their live performances.

By 1998, Omar left the band for personal reasons again and due to various factors, NATASTOR decided to separate for a time so all members could reach personal goals outside the band.