Natastor (English Ver.)

Music & Lyric by: Paul Quintero – Arrangements by: Natastor


Handsome angel they create you and for your fault we have sinned
Today you govern in the abyss and hell is your home
Adored in aquelarres you were center of attraction
I pray to you Natastor listen to my petition

Five points has the star that inverted you will carry
Black chalice and human blood at the mass you’ll drink
Creator of the malign here is your servant
Take me today to hell that only death I wanna see

I’ll bring your death alive walking without feelings
Torturing the house of the souls coming in ecstasy

Today I’ll dedicate my soul to you power
Natastor you will infest with black sperm to the humanity

Now the cross won’t be able to stop the truth
Jesus Christ can not against you Oh! my king