Mental Inquisition

Music & Lyric by: Angel Brizuela – Arrangements by: Natastor

You arrive without asking it on a madness world
You are nobody in this world ‘cause you don’t have conscience
When you are just a kid, they destroy all your innocence
They baptize you of bitterness with a bath of believing

You live with strange rules of praises and reverences
You life only goes around a church
They don’t teach you to live, just to wait the prophecies
And little by little they consummate you with their false idolatry

False envoys and prophets
Death disguise in purity
Black priests of badness
Consummate you in a mental inquisition

Trying to get the only salvation
Profaning scare that live in you
Now you preach death and destruction
Fucking demons

Malefic satanic rites
Blood, abyss, profane
Wars, lies, holocausts
To sink us in a mental inquisition