Lady Without Face

Lyric by : Paul Quintero – Music by: Oswaldo Berroterán – Arrangements by: Natastor 

That night you seduced my soul
Talking me to that place
Just to see
The crudeness in which
The children of your dark kingdom live

You took me with your look
Without caring that would come
You wise more than nobody
That I wouldn’t see another dawn

You came dressed with black satin
With the face covered with pain
You broke up the peace of the alive ones
You don’t have pardon for my lament

You dominate
In your kingdom of shades, you don’t have an end to stop you
You enjoy
All the suffering, tears strengthen you
They won’t make it
Nobody in this world can escape from you
They will fall
As the cold rain of the sunset

Tender laments fill this hole
Your silent make you mine
Now I’m part of you

Marble’s tablets, for those that are rich
Granite’s tablets, for those that live well
Stone’s tablets, for those poor in misery
Sand’s tablets, for those who will never cry