Dreaming With the Reality

Music & Lyric by: Javier Hernandez – Arrangements by: Natastor

Do you remember my dreams?
Do you remember what I said than I going to do?
Just fantasies
Dreams that will never be able to be
My memoirs goes away
My forces abandon me
It’s just wasted time
The world rotates without me

I haven’t carried out anything

I’ve been living in a dream, A dream that never end up
Build up hopes creates by my mind, Just to delight me

I’m in a dark room
There ain’t road to continue
Living off my memories
Just to survive
Reality becomes nightmare
And I wanna escape
I wanna escape from this world

I wanna live in an eternal dream, I wanna build my own reality
There’re clouds in my mind, They don’t allow me to see beyond

I live in an extraordinary world
I don’t know to differentiate the reality
Of my beautiful nightmare
And I feel that I ‘m lost
In that forbidden dream
That doesn’t abandon my life


I look the high sky, and I try to know
Why all my dreams leave me?, I’m prisoner

Dreaming, dreaming

I image a fake reality to continue with my life
I wake up and I’m even dreaming and I know that I need to wake up

When I sleep I dream that I’m alive, If I close my eyes I’m dead
Everything is lost time, There ain’t longer remedy