Lyric by: Fidel – Music by: Paul Quintero – Arrangements by: Natastor

Ideas without senses appears in my head
Satan has come and he wants obedience
The sacrifice altar is for him
My brain doesn’t works I belong to Lucifer

The prophet cried corrode your church
And the priest chins fills me of sadness
To disturb the nun I have the aptitude
It is a bless that Beelzebub gave me

Praise the force of badness
My mission natural destruction
Sale my senses to king Leviathan
And my soul is for Beliath

To profane your dammed integrity
To diffuse stinking dirt
Sacrifice the delicious kindness
And destroy the putrid society

Dirty prophecies religion gives us
Distributing their lies until your extreme
Being a damned priest is a putrid profession
To lie parishioners and funk them without reason

Lustful aquelarres caress my senses
Black infernal mass that finish in moan
Incubus n’ Succubus hurt until the end
Everything is marked with Satan’s claw

Satan’s claw, Satan’s claw, Satan’s claw