Back From the Abyss

Music & Lyric by: Angel Brizuela – Arrangements by: Natastor

Cruelly and without resisting
I was falling in the torment
Torn by the doubts
Tired and without break
Endless nightmare
Victim of my own scorn
I went to the abyss’s bottom
Finally, finally

And I was burned without feel pain
Impaled without rakes of blood
And I was guillotined for a thousand eternal days
And the damned pest ignored me too
I resurge
I back
From the abyss

Obstinate and without destiny
I wandered eternally for the labyrinths
Dismembered, corroded
And every day I was more addicted
An immortal without life
I was accompanied by demons similar to me
I fell down deeper on the abyss
Finally, finally

Sweet step, of death
Walking to my side
Defeated, I surrendered
And she didn’t look at me

Living without fear
Dark my desires
A son from hell
Sublime to perish

Back from the abyss (bis 4)

I resurge
I back
From the abyss